About us 

HALO Health Systems, is located in Auckland, New Zealand.

The company has been developing and manufacturing a new Health System for over five years. These are the most technologically advanced units currently available today for the home health system (sauna) market.

When comparing these units to other infrared saunas on the market today there are simply no justifiable comparisons.  All other units run along the same design brief as the original design, which was conceived more than 20 years ago and which is still being sold around the world in close to its original form.

HALO Health Systems looked outside the box and created a new design. Using the best technology they have come up with a design which is not only advanced in so many ways, but is also safer, considerably more comfortable and substantially more effective. The experience of HALO Health Systems in this field is extensive.  All senior executives have been involved in commercial and domestic furniture design and manufacture for over 20 years.

This has established the company both in knowledge and marketing expertise, making it a leading force in the industry, not only in itís current product range, but also in the ongoing research and development which will keep it ahead in an ever-increasing and demanding market.